Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Annie Leibovitz inspired work

Annie Leibovitz is possibly one of my favourite photographers. So it should come as no surprise to you that when I decided to explore the title 'Romanticism' for my photography exam project - I immediately thought of her. Although, I found an excuse for using her in both my exam and personal investigation projects by exploring her influence in the fashion industry. Incorporating her into my personal investigation project was made even easier when I discovered she was inspired by photojournalist Henri Cartier Bresson (another photographer I used in this project).

Recently I came across a couple of her images whilst flicking through the pages of a magazine which reminded me of the images I'd taken last year. I thought that posting them on this blog would allow me to share with you the sort of photography that inspires, not only my photography work but also my writing (and the reason my posts were few and far between last year).

The idea behind this shoot was to create a fairy tale feel (similar to Leibovitz’s work) that seemed quite romantic. So I asked my friend Emma to model for me in the woods near my house on a Summer afternoon. Surprisingly, we managed to find a day that didn't result in us being drenched in the rain - allowing me to create a sort of hazy summer night feel.

I noticed that Leibervitz often used very light fabrics and materials to create a romantic tone to her images. So obviously the only choice of clothing for Emma was chiffon. It meant that her dress would be picked up with a breeze (or with her hand in this case due to the lack of a breeze) and the sun could shine through it creating a very magical feel to the image.

By keeping her hair down and very natural it made Emma look care free and didn't distract the viewer from the dress or her surroundings.

True to Leibovitz's style I wanted to make the colours more muted. Turning the bright greens of the leaves and trees into pastel shades and her dress into a pale peach rather than pink.


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