Wednesday, 2 September 2015

What to expect

Ever since I can remember I've wanted to work for a fashion magazine. I've wanted to be a PA for Meryl Streep and run errands Anne Hathaway style. I've wanted to work in an office that had windows for walls looking down on a thriving city. I've wanted to be the one that brought everything together at the last minute like Ugly Betty. But most of all I've always wanted to do something I love. Write.

When I was 14 I was asked what job I wanted to do when I was older -my reply "I want to be Ugly Betty! I want to work at a fashion magazine." Then I was asked what aspects of the magazine I wanted to work on and this opened up a whole other world I'd never thought of before. For me I didn't know what I wanted to do for this magazine I just knew I wanted to work for it. Get the coffee - that's fine. Be a photographer - I'd love to. Write a features article - That's it! So I was told to start a blog. The only problem was I had no idea how to start a blog or what to focus on. I didn't even know if anyone would read a 14 year old's blog.  

I decided it was worth a try anyway and so I started a fashion blog. I was talking about brands I had never heard of before at the time so I'm sure you can imagine how insightful the posts were. Which meant blog number 1 never had a chance and was soon abandoned.

A few years later I decided I wanted to try again. This time I started a "coming of age" blog talking about my day to day life but in short even I couldn't bear to read it. So the dream of writing a blog seemed to be over. I had no idea how to do it and couldn't seem to find a topic I could really talk about. It seemed to be a lost cause and all hopes of writing in a magazine had gone.

So why start another one I hear you ask? Well, I feel that I have finally found my topic and now that I am 18 and have a DSLR camera I feel that I have the means necessary to uphold a blog. Before I couldn't bear to re-read my writing because I had barely any experience writing (this was pre GCSE's and A level's). I hadn't encountered the joy that is coursework or been met by the prospect of the infamous blog post assignment. To be quite honest I hadn't really experienced much at the age of 14.  

It wasn't until I went to college that I really found what I was passionate about. I met a whole lot of new friends who introduced me to new music, places and outlooks I'd never thought of before.  College also seemed to mature me - after being thrown into an environment that's completely different to school I no longer had time for petty arguments or idle gossip - I was focused on trying to find out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Just before the end of my As year the college I go to had an English lecturer from Lincoln university visit us to tell us a little about the English degree the university offered - but mostly about his career. I didn't expect to be so inspired or motivated by a lecturer but he told us about his job as a journalist. He seemed to be so passionate about what he did that he reminded me of how much I had wanted to do the same job when I was younger. Although somewhere down the line I'd got a little lost (with influence from some family members, pressures of grades and self-doubt) I still wanted to be a writer for a fashion magazine. I may have convinced myself that I wanted to be a chartered surveyor (what, you don't have a clue what one of those is? No, me either) ultimately I still wanted to be Ugly Betty.

And so that is why I am attempting yet another blog. With a few helpful tips from the lecturer and a topic I can write about for hours there's nothing to say this blog can't be a hit.  It will be filled with fashion rants, lookbooks, makeup, diy's, decor ideas, recipes and general thoughts - a cluster more commonly known as a life style blog. So I hope you like it and find something that peaks your interest.

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